Welcome to the Mobile Entertainment Venue "Escape Room" presented by Code to Escape!

This real-life competitive adventure is designed for groups of colleagues, co-workers, clients or private socials. It's the mobile escape room that comes right to you and your team! Find the hidden objects, figure out the clues and solve the puzzles to earn your freedom and

“Free The Puppies.”


This unique escape room is housed in a 45-foot luxury, climate-controlled RV, built for entertaining. Each team is locked in a room and will need to work together to complete tasks, solve clues and puzzles faster than any other team. This game is only 20 minutes, so you’ll have to be quick! Put your mental and physical abilities to the test and see if your team has what it takes to escape! The first team that finishes and escapes the room with the fastest time WINS THE GAME! BE FAST OR BE LAST!


(2-4 player)

“I am about to head out of town for a week on business. My BFF is going to watch Spot while I’m away. He is just beautiful, with the most beautiful nature, and every-one is jealous! He is puppy naughty of course, but with all the help I have from “Dalmatian savvy” I have coped! He is only 10 weeks old, I have had him for 3 weeks only, but he is house trained and knows his basic obedience commands. WHAT HAPPENED?!..After dog sitting for my BFF all week, you wake up to discover that "Spot" has escaped. You must answer all the clues in the 20-minute allotted time. Find Spot and get him home before your friend arrives back from her trip. It’s a fast-paced, challenging series of clues but the reward is worth it!!**